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Before & After

Featured Image Action Chem-Dry has experience removing some of the toughest stains. We are experienced in cleaning difficult stains such as grass stains, oil, ink, marker, pet urine and vomit, food and drink stains including wine and more!...


Removing Pet Urine and Odor

Featured Image When pets have accidents in the home, it can leave a strong odor, and in some instances it can stain your carpet and furniture. Luckily, here at Action Chem-Dry we specialize in pet urine odor removal! The products we use are so effective, we promise that if we can't remove the odor and stain from your carpet or furniture, no one can....


Fall Cleaning Tips

Featured Image Spring isn’t the only time of the year when cleaning is important. Getting a jump start on cleaning in the Fall will prepare you for the Winter when flu season arrives and save you from having to catch up on cleaning in colder weather....


3 Ways to Remove Food and Drink Stains from Furniture

Featured Image Even when you’re being careful to not spill – accidents happen! Luckily there are simple home remedies to resolve the issue. Try these natural solutions with products from your very own home to get rid of these difficult stains....