Carpet Cleaning


Keep your furniture and your carpet fresh and clean while still enjoying your family pet

Most pet owners are aware of the warm and welcoming company their own pets offer. However, most pet owners will often be familiar with the terrible odors that go along with having pets! Whether many of these smells could be the consequence of a dog who's just come in from playing outside, or perhaps a pup that's house training, these are a huge burden and hard to get rid of. Frequently kids and pets often share the very same floor space, however, it's very important to eliminate odors from pet as well as their accidents. It usually is quite unpleasant for visiting guests in your home if it smells like pets or pet urine. Try these suggestions to assist your carpet and furniture stay nice and clean longer in between professional cleanings:

1. When bathing your pet
, be sure to wash them with odor control soaps and shampoos, it's also crucial to dry your pet completely before letting them lay on your own carpet or furniture.

2. Regular grooming and brushing
might help to keep pet hair from accumulating inside your carpets and furniture.

3. Proper
potty training of your pet is crucial.

4. Although accidents
can happen, you need to absorb the wet spot when it has happened to help lift as much urine up off the carpet as you possibly can. Once the urine is left to dry it may be challenging to get rid of the odor.

Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T.
is especially created to eliminate tough to remove pet urine odors. P.U.R.T. will go to the molecular level and kills the urine crystals to get rid of the odor entirely.

It is better to have your carpets cleaned and treated regularly to relieve these smells as well as leaving your own home smelling fresh and clean. Whether or not your pet has accidents in the home, routine carpet cleaning can help keep your home fresh and with no lingering pet odors.