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foul odor

Well that wasn't called for, right? Let's be honest, carpet never smells THIS bad, but when it does everyone notices. No one wants to apologize to their guests for their home smelling bad, and if we don't even want our pets to have this reaction when they smell something, why should we allow our carpet to collect germs that change the original aroma of our home? This shouldn't happen. While it's true there are home solutions that can buy us some time, there are lots of odors that can't be cured without specific treatment.

Introducing Chem-Dry's Odor Extinguisher

carpet odor extinguisher

With Chem-Dry's unique odor extinguisher, you will be armed with a solution that doesn't simply boost or briefly eradicate odor, you will have ingredients that are sure to counteract even the freshest stains (including, and most importantly, pet urine!). The most beneficial characteristic of the odor extinguisher is the fact that there aren't any nasty bleaches or chemicals in the slightest. You'll be able to go ahead and benefit from this remedy around pets and kids without worrying about hurting them. In addition to that, this product is risk-free to use on all carpet types!

Carpet Deodorizers

carpet cleaning fragrances

If you're merely wanting to spruce that home up a little, our carpet deodorizers are ideal for you! Like our odor extinguisher, our deodorizers are "green certified", with all of the most desirable ingredients around that, like we said before, are safe for you and not so safe for that annoying stench! The greatest attribute of our carpet deodorizers is that it, by no means, is a short-run answer to a dilemma. Your carpet will be safeguarded from resoiling due to special polymers that embrace your carpet fibers and build a soil-resistant layer. Your carpet will look and smell great for a while following the initial spray! And with choices like "Lemon Grove" and "Apple Cinnamon", it's a no-brainer!

resting peacefully

That's what we're talking about! With Action Chem-Dry's deodorizers and fragrances, you'll be able to sleep better than ever!

In some cases, it's not enough to have innovative, expert carpet cleaning. Give us a call right away to order our cutting edge odor extinguishers and deodorizers! A healthy home inside and throughout is just a call away!

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